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About Mereo

Rens Blonk started developing the R&B/Alternative Pop sound that you can hear in his music today at the Amsterdam Academy for theatre and dance where he graduated in 2018. After working in the recording studio extensively Mereo finally released his first album in November 2020 called Synchronous. This mostly self produced album speaks about living in the past and the present at the same time. How someone who’s not in your life anymore can still be present in your thoughts and dreams. How you can still talk to them in a way. So that it almost feels like they never left. And how to leave those memories behind and let them be just memories. The music video for ‘Favourite Moment’ got featured on the VEVO channel and the album reached almost 100.000 streams just on Spotify. “Mereo presents his album Sychronous as a complete electronically driven R&B experience that travels between fantasy and reality, the past and the present” - (Dutch music platform 3voor12).

In 2023 a new album Transference was released independently. A vinyl release will follow later this year.

The album is completely self produced and opens up with a swirling Synthesizer track and then goes straight into the single ‘Erase’. An energetic electronic synth track where Mereo sings about his fear of being forgotten. 


‘It’s a redemption story. It’s very easy to project your past experiences on a new situation in life. Then the walls go up and it’s hard to be vulnerable and open to someone/something new. Transference is about finding that spark back.’ 


The song ‘So Cold’ got some press reactions from Clash Magazine and Mundane Magazine to name a few. And together with the track ‘Lose Control’ already got about 20.000 streams on Spotify


Clash Magazine 2022:

Dutch artist Mereo has shared his new single 'So Cold'.

The songwriter's debut album 'Synchronous' landed during the close of 2020, a display of soulful pop textures.

Indebted to alt-R&B sounds, Mereo's background – he formally studied dance and music – gives his art a certain richness.

'So Cold' continues his journey, and the song delights in channelling "the unexpected".

A crisp, succinct offering, the track seems to wrap up the promise of his debut album while transporting his music somewhere quite different.

He comments: “It's about the unexpected. About the times you think that you are in charge when it comes to your destiny and something unexpected catching you off guard. In the process of creating music, you can work night after night on songs and still nothing clicks. This song came to me, and I thought: I've been waiting for you. This is what I've been looking for all this time.”

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